Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

We grew up in the Golden Age of Skateboarding; The Bones Brigade/Animal Chin Era. A time when skate shops had demos and you could see the legends of skateboarding at your local park or shop. We were children of the 70's and 80's and skateboarding was our passion. No curb, mini ramp, or launch ramp was safe. We would stay out until the street lights came on skating, talking skating, and loving everything about skating and the culture.

Then we grew up and life/school/work/family/responsibility took a front seat. Skateboarding was replaced by school and jobs and bills and diapers and soon became another thing we "used to do as a kid". We are all in our mid-30's and 40's and our kids are reaching the age where skateboarding is possible.

We always talked about "getting back out there" but never could find (or justify to our wives) the time. Our kids provided the perfect opportunity to join them and learn with them. Sure, our kids are into it but not nearly to the level we are. Our newly rekindled passion to learn to skate and relive our love for the culture drives us. We meet every weekend and make skate park pilgrimages and try not to get too hurt for the next work day.

This page was created for those of us that have a love for skateboarding and have realized we are never to old to get back out there and have a blast. Our goal is to give back and build a community of stoke. Join us on the journey will you?