Passing on the Stoke

Yesterday started with an awesome morning session with some great people at Prince Skatepark (Alex Rd.). We had our kids with us and had the park (pretty much) to ourselves for the first few hours in the morning. Good times, great people. 

My son, since he was 3 or 4, wakes up at 6am on weekends because he is so amped to skate with Dad. Sure, I am the one who wakes him much of the time but he gets right up and can’t wait to get out the door. Seeing the excitement in his eyes and hearing him say, “Hey Dad, let’s skate!” many times a day make me so proud. 

He isn’t doing it for me. He is genuinely loving every minute, every fall, and every milestone. He has given blood to the concrete gods and keeps on getting back up again and again and is happy to do it. Damn, I love that.

We had some friends/family over recently for dinner. Their kids want to talk skateboarding with me and skate in the backyard whenever they are over. I love that too. We watched YouTube videos of skateboarding for hours. Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song. Clips of Rodney Mullen in the 80’s contests. Interviews with him. Interviews with Lance Mountain. Micke Alba videos. The Berrics S-K-A-T-E contest videos of Eric Koston, Malto, Dyrdek, Donovan Strain, and more. Buttery Ass Mondays. We talked about tricks and falls and how incredible skating is. 

My son and I watch a ton of skate videos and clips together. From the classics in the 60's and 70's, to the Bones Brigade era 80's and 90's, to Frankie Hill and John Cardiel, to Toy Machine to zero, to Blind to H Street, we watch it all, new and old. He respects the roots and geeks out like I did (do).

I am not great, but can’t wait to skate every chance I get. These kids share this stoke. Skateboarding is contagious and every new skater feels that passion. Every day gets better.

Keep skating and bring a friend. Change their life.


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