Weekend Warriors...and whenever we can.

Weekends are the absolute best. Being a Weekend Warrior and having the 9-5 all week (really 6-6) makes those two days away from the office that much sweeter. We all have the “LIFE STUFF” that gets in the way of the fun stuff. Myself, I have the long commute, the office craziness, soccer practices for the kids, softball, Girl Scouts, music lessons, homework, bedtime stories, birthdays, anniversaries, and the million other things that occupy the every day. Getting back into skateboarding is the best thing I have done. Relearning the tricks and sharing that with my kids is parenting (and life in general) done right.

The friends I have made because of skateboarding are priceless and the weekend skate sessions and road trips are my most favorite times. Getting up at the crack of dawn to battle concrete oceans of fun is all I think about all week. I can’t wait for the weekends. Not in the stereotypical “Monday’s suck”/“TGIF” way, but really love the weekends. I dream about skating with my crew and seeing our kids interact and grow. The #OldManSkateSesh movement has been the gift that keeps on giving. 

The #Thankyouskateboarding hashtag has literal significance because I am (we all are) truly thankful for the joy and drive skateboarding provides to our lives. See you at the park bright and early Saturday.


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