The Grind and The Balance

So we are all getting older. And the responsibilities are piling up. Work life takes almost all of your time and the daily grind can seem overwhelming. Add on family and bills and holidays and it can wash over you like a tidal wave. Trying to find a balance is a never-ending battle that most of us lose.

With the fight for balance and sanity and happiness, we find ourselves cutting the things we enjoy for the things we “have” to do. Why can’t there be more time in a day? Why can’t we have more money? More time? 

Older usually means we are wiser and with that wisdom comes an ability to appreciate the things we have and the drive to get back to what we truly value in life. Family, friends, fun. 

I got caught up in the “have” to do’s and suppressed the fun for the “betterment” of my family. Family is everything and money does buy things we don’t always need and keeps the lights on. Work and career growth was the means to constantly improve that end. 

Skateboarding helped me realize that we can do what we love and have fun regardless of the mental barriers we (and society) give us. I am not a good skater, but I do improve every time I get on the board. I try. I have fun. I can’t wait to get back out there.

There is a balance and it doesn’t come from trying to manage the things you “have” to do. It comes from adding in the things you want to do. Finding something you love and making it a part of you takes courage and the support from your family and friends. That support team is everything. 

My wife supports me relearning how to skate. My kids come with me and we are learning together. My friends are with me every weekend and we make new friends because of our shared passion for skating. We all cheer each other on and help each other progress. It is fun. Always.

If we fall, we are there to pick each other up and encourage each other to get back on the board and try again. Our kids encourage each other and progress. It not just a skatepark or parking lot or miniramp or curb. It's a community.

OldManSkateSesh started as a few guys in their late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who wanted to start skating again. It evolved into a family of skaters from all over the world and their families who all believe in positivity, community, and fun. Thank you skateboarding for helping me find my balance.