Your Excuse Is Invalid. Go Skate!

Remember how you used to skate? Remember how much fun you had as a kid, staying out from dawn until well past the street lights coming on and your mom hollering your name? Remember building launch ramps with whatever wood scraps you could find with cinder blocks holding it up? Remember using surf wax on the curb in front of your house? Remember spray painting the Rat Bones logo and the Powell Peralta “P’s” logo in storm runoff ditches? Remember doing a boneless? Remember doing your first ollie? Remember spending hours/days/weeks learning (or trying to learn) to kickflip? Remember how that was your life growing up?

What happened? You grew up. You got responsibilities. You got a job. You have bills now. You have stuff you HAVE to do. You have limited “free time”. You have a wife or girlfriend. You have kids. You have an endless list of “honey do” tasks. You have an endless supply of excuses and “reasons why” you can’t get back to that place; the place you so loved being growing up.

Stop remembering and start doing. Really. It IS that simple. Get a board and skate. Get some pads and a helmet too (you are a bit rusty and don’t recover quite as quickly as you used to). You are older now. You are wiser. You have a job. You have some money. Get set up and go. You can find/make time. Go early. Go late. Make the time for you, for what you love. Do it. Go. Now. 

Got kids? Relearning how to skate with them is a perfect activity to strengthen your relationship with them and be the COOL Dad. Let’s make skateboarding the new game of catch. Create new memories. Relive what you love. Meet great people who share your love of skateboarding. Connect with the heroes of your youth. They are around. They are older and more accessible now. 

Share stories with your kids and friends. Share the joy of learning a new trick or not falling through a run. Milestones happen each time. Make skating your “guy time” and make a skateboard deck-laden Man Cave. Have fun and exercise skateboarding. You will be sore and work muscles you forgot you had. Work through the pain and relish in the fun.

You will fall. You will hurt. You will get back up and do it again. Better. 

Go have fun. Spend some time with your kids. Share stories with them and experience the joy through their eyes. Share the respect and fun of skateboarding. Teach them. Learn with them. Tell your friends. Grow your crew. The #OldManSkateSesh movement grows with you.