Our Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for 2018

Father’s Day is fast approaching… If you’re like us and wait until 24 (or 2) hours before you see dad on the big day, you’ll probably end up hitting the market for a bottle of hooch, maybe a gift card, and quickly get on your way to dad’s for a visit. This year, we chose to make an effort to plan ahead and not be so stressed about getting stuff at the last minute (sorry moms, next year we’ll be ready for you too). Below are a few items we’re sure he’ll dig.

These are mostly skate-specific but any one of these would be cool with dad whether he’s into it or not.

Hey, if dad needs to get back on the board, you can hit up your local shop and pick up a complete set up for him; there’s a bunch of old guys he can “shred the gnar” with at any of the parks.

Omaha Steaks Father’s Day Package

What better way to say “I love you, dad” than obligating him to do his own cooking on his special day? It’s fair, he did have all morning to skate and hang out with the crew. Use the promo code “doubt” at checkout for $10 off your order. (Don’t say we never gave you anything.)

187 Killer Pads Pack

Your dad is sure to be the coolest kid in the park with these. Not only will he look great but will also be well protected for when he inevitably hits the ground. Mom will love this one too; he can finally get rid of the old pads stinking up the garage.

Old Bones Therapy Knee Brace

Old Bones Therapy has plenty of products to help with dads old bones and will get him back on his board by the next weekend session. He’ll be well protected by the previously mentioned knee pads but he’ll also appreciate the added support of this brace.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch

With this hybrid smartwatch, dad will forever be out of excuses for not realizing how long he was at the skatepark. Connectable to any android or iOS device, he’ll get mom’s incessant text messages straight to his wrist and with interchangeable straps, this watch is perfect for any occasion.

Old Man Skate Sesh Trucker Hat

How else to end the list but with possibly the best looking hat on the market? With its sun protectant bill in front, the way the mesh and front panels cradle his head, and exclusive “snapback” sizing technology, you’ll surely win his love.


Happy Father’s Day from #OldManSkateSesh!

Lance Harper